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The Educational Opportunities Fund (EOF) provides scholarships for young people to participate in programs that value diversity, opening minds, fostering personal growth and helping youth respond to social, cultural and environmental challenges as responsible global citizens. Since 1969, EOF has helped children from around the world attend summer camp: refugee children from the Sudan and Liberia; kids from under-resourced urban areas across the US; and youngsters from rural areas who are eager to play and learn in a thoughtful environment.

A summer camp experience can be deeply transformative. Connecting with nature, connecting with peers, connecting with your inner-self and being inspired by creative and magical camp counselors are only a few of the rare benefits of being at camp.

We wish all children could have the opportunity to spend a few weeks away from home each summer – challenging their comfort zones, thinking hard about their personal values, practicing self-reliance and trust, exploring new activities and returning with a refreshed perspective.

The EOF Community


Since 1969 EOF has been creating opportunities for people from around the globe to have unique, fun and transformational experiences in a summer camp setting. 

Many participants always remember the open water swimming, campfire songs and the lifelong friendships they make during their stay at camp. 

More than 60 years later, EOF continues to welcome new young people to the community. We believe that when a child is introduced to the EOF community by an EOF alumni, they are more likely to have a long lasting positive experience. This highlights the importance of strong community. 

If you're an EOF alumni, camper, sponsor or family member we welcome you to our community. There are many reasons to join our mailing list: maybe you'd like to sponsor a child, recommend a camp or just keep in touch with the good spirit of the EOF community. We hope you will keep in touch.

EOF 2023 Annual Report

Would you like to know more about the work EOF took part in during 2023? Take a look at our annual report.


Your generosity helps the Educational Opportunities Fund offer deserving students a special gift – the joy and learning that comes with a sleep away summer camp experience! 

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