How to Apply

photo-4The purpose of the Educational Opportunities Fund is to provide scholarships for young people to participate in programs that value diversity, opening minds, fostering personal growth and helping youth respond to social, cultural and environmental challenges as responsible global citizens.

When awarding scholarship support, The Educational Opportunities Fund carefully considers several factors including program availability, family income, references and commitment to program participation as reflected in the scholarship application and through past experiences.

Financial aid is awarded on a rolling basis; you may submit an application at any time.  To apply for scholarship support through the Educational Opportunities Fund student applicants must submit the following:

APPLICATION FOR EOF SCHOLARSHIP: Please fill out this Application Form, SAVE it to your computer, and then email the saved document as an attachment to to start the application process.

The following materials should be compiled into one package or file and either scanned/ emailed or mailed as soon as possible, but no later than one month after APPLICATION FORM has been submitted: The Educational Opportunities Fund, 83 Adamsville Road, Westport MA 02790.

  • A letter written by the applicant, addressed to the selection committee of the EOF board, explaining the applicant’s motivation for the application; i.e., what does the applicant hope to gain from the experience, what/how does the applicant hope to contribute to the host community, what challenge(s) can the applicant foresee and how will the applicant address/overcome those challenges should they arise ( i.e., homesickness).
  • A letter written by the applicant’s parent or guardian, addressing the same questions as above.
    (Note: The parent or guardian is encouraged to talk with the applicant before the letters are written but the student should write her/his own letter.)
  • A note outlining other sources of funding being pursued by the applicant and/or family or guardian.
  • One or two letters of recommendation written by a teacher or employer (perhaps the applicant does babysitting), on behalf of the student’s worthiness to receive an EOF scholarship. (Letters of recommendation from returning students are not required.)
  • All applicable and most recent 1040 tax forms.
  • 1040 tax forms from additional guardians outside the primary household.
  • A photograph of the applicant is appreciated.
  • Sponsor:  If appropriate, applicants are encouraged to identify a sponsor to help them through the application process and the tasks associated with preparing for their summer experience (organizing transportation, acquisition of materials required for the program, and perhaps guidance in anticipation of and during the program.)

Upon receipt of a complete application, EOF staff will assess the applicant and if feasible, secure a camp placement. Once a placement is secured, if accepted, the applicant will then begin all paperwork associated with the placement (summer camp application, health form and other forms required by the organization).  If a placement cannot be secured at the time of application, EOF will hold your application aside for re-review should funding or space become available.  If you have previously been granted a scholarship please do not assume that it will be granted again; the process begins fresh at the beginning of each enrollment season.

As all scholarship funds awarded are raised by the EOF and equally matched by the receiving organization, we suggest that you explore other/additional funding possibilities while waiting for a decision on the status of your application.  The best scenario is when applicants are able to gather support from a variety of sources.

Organizations interested in partnering with The Educational Opportunities Fund should contact us directly at

QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about this process, please contact us at